School Policies

School Policies

The main aim of the Parent Guide is to provide you with essential information about the day-to-day running of DBS. The Parent-Pupil Guide is by definition a working document and as such will be reviewed regularly, with additional policies and information being added throughout the year: Please find below links to key policies and procedures referred to in the Guide:

Primary Behaviour Policy

We want pupils to be honest, respectful, considerate and responsible. We expect them to be well behaved so that everyone can enjoy a happy, safe environment in which each individual feels respected and valued.

Mobiles Policy

Students may ONLY use Mobile Phones and Portable Music Devices when invited to do so by a teacher in order to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning.

Textbook Policy

All students will be loaned a copy of the textbook required for the subjects they are studying. Dubai British School expects students to take care of their books so that they may be loaned again to students the following year.

Complaints Procedure for Parents

Dubai British School welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and takes very seriously any complaints and concerns that they may raise. We encourage parents to bring these to our attention as early as possible in order that we have the opportunity to rectify a problem or explain the school's position before a concern becomes more serious.

Inclusion and Student Support Policy

Taaleem aims to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their best academically, emotionally and socially.

Nutritious Snacks & Healthy Eating Guidelines

At DBS we like to encourage the children to develop healthy eating habits. By providing a delicious and nutritious snack and packed lunch for your child, you will be helping to ensure that they experience a balanced school day.

Secondary Behaviour Policy

We work towards standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility.

Parent Request For Absences Form

Good attendance is a foundation for academic achievement and it underpins all aspects of personal development.It establishes a responsible attitude towards the opportunities available in school and further education and it is the basis for the world of work.

Library Overdues Process

The library runs a weekly report listing all overdue books/items.

Anti Bullying Policy

At Dubai British School, we believe that all children and young people have the right to an educational environment where they feel safe and which is free from harassment and bullying.

Lockdown Policy

Dubai British School is implementing this policy to ensure that in the event that students and staff are faced with hazards in the school grounds or outside the school, students and staff may then be locked within buildings for their own safety.

Parent Guide and Reference 2016-2017

An introduction to mission, policy and procedures.

Attendance & Punctuality Policy

Good attendance is a foundation for academic achievement and it underpins all aspects of personal development.

Child Protection Policy

The Child Protection Co-ordinators (CPC) at Dubai British School are the Primary Head and the Secondary Head.

Uniform Policy

Hygiene & Infectious Diseases Policy

At Dubai British School, we maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times. All facilities are cleaned on a daily basis and more frequently at times of high alert.

Nanny Pass Form

You may download the application form for Nanny pass.

Secondary School Uniform Guidance

Students in all years from 7 to 13 must wear uniform designed specifically for DBS.

Transport Policy

Starting in September 2009 the Roads and Authority (RTA) requires all private schools in Dubai to offer transportation to and from school to their students in accordance with official guidelines. In order to comply with this we are committed to offering students a safe reliable and professional transport service.