Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school days and timings?

School days in the United Arab Emirates run from Sundays to Thursdays.

School class timings are as follows:

  • FS1 and FS2           7.45am to 1.30pm Sun to Wed and 7.45am to 1pm Thursday
  • Year 1 to Year 6     7.45am to 2.30pm Sun to Wed and 7.45am to 1.15pm Thursday
  • Year 7 to Year 13   7.55am to 3.10pm Sun to Wed and 7.55am to 1:30pm Thursday

Our administration offices are open Sundays to Thursdays, 8am to 4pm.

What is the length of the school year?

The school year starts in late August/early September and finishes at the end of June.


Does DBS offer school transportation?

Dubai British School and Taaleem have contracted Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC, a highly experienced and established bus transportation company. All vehicles used by Arab Falcon follow the strictest Road & Transport Authority (RTA) safety standards and guidelines. All bus drivers are highly experienced and authorised and trained by the RTA. A bus helper/‘nanny’ will travel with each vehicle.

For our students’ safety all buses feature CCTV cameras and  a Tracking System .

How does the parking and drop-off/pick up work?
As per RTA regulations, all parking, drop-off and pick up takes place inside the school premises
Where is the school located?

DBS is located in Dubai’s Emirates Hills Area/The Springs 3, behind Springs Town Centre (Spinneys) and in close proximity to Dubai British Foundation and Dubai British School Jumeirah Park. Click here for the location map.

What about Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)?

Our students have access to a broad range of activities from sports to academic interests and a variety of clubs and community initiatives from Year 1.

Do DBS students wear uniforms?

Yes, DBS has a uniform policy. Further details can be found here.

Does DBS have dining facilities?
At DBS we believe schools should play a key role in providing a healthy lifestyle with young people in the community. We follow the healthy schools initiative in our food provision. Our on-site canteen ‘Slices’ provides students with healthy food and beverage options.

Alternatively, DBS students may bring their own lunchboxes. Fizzy drinks or foods containing nuts will not be allowed.
Does DBS offer after-school care?
DBS does not offer after-school care in the traditional sense, but there are options available which are run by E-sports, an external provider, at an additional cost. Our students can take part in Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) led by our teaching staff at no additional cost. ECAs offered by an external provider will be at an additional cost.
Age Cut-off Date?

Please refer to the below chart for eligibility by age or contact Admissions at for further clarification.


Phase Year Group Age
  Foundation Stage  4   FS 1  3 turning 4 on or after 1st September
  FS 2 4 turning 5 on or after 1st September
  Key Stage 1    Year 1 5 turning 6 on or after 1st September
  Year 2 6 turning 7 on or after 1st September
  Key Stage 2    Year 3 7 turning 8 on or after 1st September
  Year 4 8 turning 9 on or after 1st September
  Year 5 9 turning 10 on or after 1st September
  Year 6 10 turning 11 on or after 1st September
  Key Stage 3    Year 7 11 turning 12 on or after 1st September
  Year 8 12 turning 13 on or after 1st September
  Year 9 13 turning 14 on or after 1st September
 Key Stage 4  15   Year 10 14 turning 15 on or after 1st September
  Year 11 DBS does not accept applications for Year 11 due to GCSEs being a closed, two-year course
Sixth Form   Year 12 16 turning 17 on or after 1st September
  Year 13 DBS does not accept applications for Year 13 due to A Levels being a closed, two-year course
What are the levels of qualifications DBS teachers are required to have accomplished?

Every teacher at DBS has an internationally recognised teaching qualification, with a minimum of at least two years’ qualified teaching experience. All teachers need to be approved by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). They are required to have completed two years of Primary and Secondary education and they must hold a degree (B.Ed.) or Degree and Teaching Certificate or equivalent (e.g. BA / BSc. + PGCE).

Does the school provide English as an additional language?

DBS offers ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) support where necessary, which is provided by the Student Support staff.

What languages do you offer?

English is the language of instruction and all students have the opportunity to study different modern foreign languages including Arabic, French, Spanish and German.

Does DBS feature a clinic?

DBS provides a Health Centre with a full-time nurse and a visiting doctor.

Where do the teachers come from?

The majority of our teachers are British. We hire teachers internationally to find the best practitioners from around the globe. All our teachers are highly trained and qualified. They all have the requirements as per KHDA guidelines. Administrative staff are hired locally and internationally.

School Transport

Are all ages allowed to ride the bus?
Students from FS1 onwards can use the bus.
Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or bus nanny?
Drivers are not available by phone while driving the scheduled routes, however, the bus nanny can be contacted in case of an emergency. Contact details of the relevant bus nanny will be provided once you register with Arab Falcon, the contracted transport provider.
Will it be possible for my child to have a different pick up in the morning and drop of in the afternoon or vice versa?

Yes, it is possible provided there are seats available on the required route and the pick-up and drop-off remains the same for most part of the Academic Year.

Will the bus transport accommodate after-school activities?
ECAs will only be accommodated on the transport if available as the last bus leaves at 3.30pm. Parents are requested to inform Arab Falcon in case their child is taking part in an ECA and what the timings are of the same.
What about bad weather days such as sandstorms?
Parents will be informed by the school if delayed, early release or cancelled school days apply.
When is payment due?
The first payment will be due by 1st September for the September to January term. The second payment will be due by 1 February for the February to June term. You will be billed directly by the school bus transport service provider.
Is there a discount for siblings?
There is no sibling discount for the school bus transport services.
Will there be a refund if I need to cancel the school transport services?
Yes, if a child withdraws from the service during the period he/she will be eligible for a refund of the fees for any month, which have not been used, e.g. if the child withdraws in mid-October, the refunds will be for the months of November to January only.